tedxemilycarru 2019

Industrial Design - Venue Design - Creative Direction

Greater Than You



As the Venue Design Lead, I oversaw the creative direction of the venue space for TEDxEmilyCarrU 2019 "Greater Than You".

This year we wanted to make the venue space more interactive. Focusing on the theme "Greater Than You", we thought about what coming together can look like when translated into space. It's always rewarding to see others become immersed in your own work and it takes a lot to have people come out of their shell to participate. I'm glad we succeeded in making the hurdle easy to cross. 

Interactions do not need to be extravagant in any way. The purpose we created for ourselves was to help create shared lasting memories for our guests. We spent days hammering thousands and thousands of nails, tediously stringing yarn evenly along the wall, and even longer thinking about what purpose we wanted the space to have for our guests.



Team Member(s)

Scott Mallory

Grace Leung

Kaitlin Wiebe

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tedxecuad 2017

Industrial Designer - Venue Design

Bridging The Gap



Industrial Designer

This is the first TedX event held at Emily Carr University. The theme was called "Bridging the Gap" as we prepared to move to the new campus, and said farewell to our Grandville Island campus. Working closely with the directors, graphics team, as well as within the TED brand to create an immersive experience for guests and speakers.

Part of my job was to design imagery to be placed on the stairs, pillars and doors of the space. I also contributed ideas and insights into projected animations, and branding decisions. Additionally, I helped to design and build the iconic TED stage letters.  

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Scott Mallory