Photowalk: Vancouver West End

These are a few photos from a roll I shot while walking around the neighbourhood last month. Evenings are absolutely beautiful with the warm light coming through the trees, reflecting off the buildings, effortlessly painting each scene with a warm nostalgia.

Earlier in the year I took it upon myself to get back into developing my film at home; partially due to wanting to save some money (film photography has proven itself to be quite expensive), but mostly because I missed that side of photography in general. I love being part of the photography process from beginning to end and I hope to learn more about how I can control my photos through the developing process. I hope to share more of the process in the future as I learn more about myself as a photographer.

These photos were made with my Mamiya C3 with Fujicolor PRO 400H.

why is this here?

This will be a space for me to document my work throughout various projects design, art, or photography related. As a designer, I feel it is important for others to see what goes on behind the scenes. Additionally, I have come to a point in my photography exploration where I want my work to live beyond the world of Instagram. See this as a photoblog with occasional spiels about my design process!